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The aim of the Parent’s Council is to enable parents to play their part in ensuring the best possible education for their children, through the association’s programme of activities. The Parent’s Council will promote the interests of the students in co-operation with the board, principal, teachers and students in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998.


  • The Parent’s Council will undertake a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of parents and which will support pupils, parents and school staff. In planning its activities, the Parent’s Council will consult with the school principal.
  • The Parent’s Council may advise the principal and board on any matters relating to the school in accordance with the Education Act, 1998, 26 (2) (a).
  • Parent’s Councils do not have a role in pursuing individual complaints. The parent should be advised to bring their concern through the proper channels (at school level: teacher, principal, board of management). However, it can happen that an individual parent will approach the Parent’s Council about an experience or concern that raises an issue for the Parent’s Council about some school policy.

Partnership between home and school

Partnership between home and school is important because with positive and active partnership the child gets the best that primary education can offer. The Parents Council plays a key and crucial role in promoting partnership in all of these areas.

  • We know from research that children do better, behave better and are happier at school where parents and teachers work closely together and when parents are able to give their children support at home.
  • Teachers can do a better job when they are supported by and working closely with parents.
  • Parents can do a better job when they have the support of other parents.
  • All parents together can play their part in planning for the best possible education for children in their school

General Aims of the Parents Council

  1. To represent the views of parents
  2. To inform parents of developments in education and in school.
  3. To foster co-operation between parents, teachers and school management.
  4. To liase with parents on the Board of Management.
  5. To help with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids.
  6. To help parents from a monetary point of view.
  7. To organise talks and discussions on topics of interest for parents.
  8. To provide a forum for debate and discussion on matters that are of interest to them and their children.

2018 2019  Parents Council Members 

Chairperson: Rachel Moore
Secretary: Mary Ryan
Treasurer: Eithne Kennedy

Other Parent Members:
Jeannie Gannon
Eiranne Heffernan
Karen Brackin
Deirdre Leech
Noelle O’Shea Hardiman
Joanne Melia
Kim Somers
Sanchia Morris
Mary Clare Doyle
Catherine Mannion
Karen Crimmins
Claire O’Doherty
Louise Byrne

Activities of the Parents Council 2018 2019

Monster Christmas Raffle

This annual event was a roaring success thanks to the generosity of our wonderful school community. We raised €3,934.80 on the day to go towards many worthwhile projects, days and workshops in the school.


We have funded buses for the following so far this year :

Bus to Renmore for Athletics in October
Train to Town Hall for 6th class in November (Fighting words)

Bus to Town Hall for 3rd class in December (Fighting words)
Bus to Castleturvin for 1st class in December (Carol singing)

Upcoming events:
– Tea / coffee morning for Junior Infant parents (Fri Jan 18th 9-10am)
– Grandparents Day (Wed Jan 30th 10.45-12pm)
– Book Fair with Tara Book Company (Mon Feb 11th – Fri Feb 15th)
– Church Gate collection for Band (Sat Feb 23rd & Sun Feb 24th)

2017 2018 Parents Council Members 

Jeannie Hough – Chairperson

Mary Ryan Secretary

Eithne Kennedy – Treasurer

Rachel Moore, Linda Romane, Umadevi Yasenthang, Veronica Gillen, Bernie Ryan, Ann Hayes and Karen Brackin.

Activities of the Parents Council 2017-2018

  • There were five meetings during the year and all parents were welcome to attend.
  • TheParents’ Council assisted in the following fundraisers: Christmas Raffle, Table Quiz in Dowling’s and the Annual Church Gate Collection, Larry the Hungry Snake and the personalised Christmas Cards.

  • Parents assisted at other activities and events such as Grandparents day, Graduation day, Reception day for new Junior Infants, Book Fair, Covering and Renting books.

  • Money raised provided workshops for the children e.g. Zumba dancing, Ultra flex dancing, Safe cycling, Book Fair Author and Science Show.

  • They also funded refreshments for special events e.g. Sacraments, Band events, Sports day,Grandparents day, Graduation day, Reception day for new Junior Infants.

  • Financial support was provided for bus trips for events such as Athletics, Camogie, Basketball, Science Show to name a few…..

Parents council Activities 2015/6

  • The Council with the help of some parents assisted in the following fundraisers: Monster Christmas Raffle, Fun Table Quiz in Dowling’s and the Annual Church Gate Collection.
  • Members assisted at other activities and events such as band events, grandparents day, graduation day, sports day, covering and renting books.
  • Members discussed the new revised Healthy Eating Policy.
  • Money raised provided workshops for the children e.g. zumba dancing, circuit training, safe cycling, Me Mollser Drama and the author Pete Mollineaux.
  • They also funded parties on special days for the children such as after receiving the sacraments, band events and sports day.
  • They purchased three accordion cases and red berets.
  • Financial support was provided for bus trips to events such as Athletics and camogie competitions, Table quiz, Peace Proms Choir and the Voice of Ireland.
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