Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Mary O’Sullivan is our Information & Communications Technology Co-ordinator.  She updates and monitors our website. In 2013 Ms Murray transferred our school website onto a blog. Blogging enables teachers and pupils to upload photos and work from their class on a regular basis. In May and June of 2014, with the help of Zappy Ltd., we merged our old website and blog to create the wonderful website you are currently on.


Digital Schools Award 2013

Our school received the Digital Schools Award in May 2013 which recognises excellence in our approach to the integration of ICT in learning and teaching.   This award aims to build on our outstanding progress in relation to ICT, to give us recognition in achieving exceptionally high standards in this area and to encourage us to strive for further progression and improvement.  We are delighted to be the fourth school in Co Galway who has received this prestigious National Award.

Ciaran Cannon, Junior Minister of the Department of Education & Skills came to celebrate and honour our achievements.


Digital Schools Award 2014

This year (2014) we have taken part again in the Digital Schools of Distinction Programme. Participation in this programme is giving an opportunity to enhance the learning experience of pupils and to develop digital skills which will stand to them throughout their lives. This Digital Schools of Distinction Programme is an accreditation which primary schools can attain by demonstrating excellence in their approach to the integration of ICT. A validator came in early May to assess us for this new award. He was very impressed and quoted “I found my visit very educational and entertaining in this wonderful school”. We were subsequently awarded the award in june 2014

IT in our School

Our Information Technology Plan is reviewed each year. All classrooms and support rooms are equipped with computers or laptops and printers. A broadband service has been provided to all the classrooms and prefab. All of our eleven mainstream classrooms are now equipped with interactive whiteboards. An interactive whiteboard is a large touch sensitive board connected to an additional projector and computer. These interactive whiteboards will replace all blackboards eventually. Teachers can control how the lessons are displayed on the screen and can add notes, images, audio and video files with continuous internet access to make it more engaging for today’s children. Each classroom also is equipped with a cordless keyboard and mouse which enable children to use technology interactively. Children in the senior classes have the opportunity to use the internet with the consent of their parents. Highly recommended software based on English and Maths has been purchased for all classes. Software is also available in the other curricular areas. Teachers have access to a wide variety of educational websites.