Active School Committee

Active School Committee

Programme of Work 2017-2018

Mr McDonald is the Active Schools Co-Ordinator in SCN and works alongside his class who are the Active Committee to ensure that the staff and pupils of our school are active throughout the school year in a fun and exciting way.

  • The Active School Committee has 3 aims:
  1. To make sure that everybody takes part in some kind of activity during or after school, e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, running or just playing.
  2. To help children to be more active inside and outside of school. It is recommended that children have at least 60 minutes of activity every day.
  3. To make sure we have fun while getting more active. It’s much easier to be active if you’re having fun doing it.

The Active School Committee post news and information to their noticeboard in the school hall

Active School Week June 19th – 22nd 2018

Mc Donald assisted by Mrs. Greally and his class (the Active School Committee) kicked off ASW on June 19th with a Monster Walk to School from Kenny Park.

The children came to school in their tracksuits every day and were encourage to be active on their way to and from school.

The emphasis this year was on walking correctly (moving well & moving often). The Active School Committee gave and modelled walking tips for us all. See more details. The following is a summary of the key points in relation to walking well:

  1. Maintain good posture,with body straight, walk tall, head in line with the spine and looking forward.
  2. Swing arms in a small natural arc in opposition to the feet.
  3. Step with toes facing forward.
  4. When planting the foot use a heel-to-toe action
  5. Knees should bend slightly when the foot makes contact with the ground

Mr Mc Donald, the Active Schools Co-Ordinator,  spoke to us at assembly about how to walk properly…

We had a ‘Wake up, Shake Up’ session with the Active Committee at assembly every morning of Active Schools Week. They demonstrated and encouraged the whole school to participate in some fun exercises, dancing and action songs. They assigned some Super Trouper exercises as active homework.


Each class and all the staff participated in the daily mile (1.6km) each day for 15 mins. Daily mile (1.6km) activity is defined as a moving activity i.e. walking, jogging, skipping, running etc around a circuit e.g. the footprints in the bottom yard, the edge of the top yard or around the basket ball court.

We drank oceans of water, as recommended and monitored by the Health Promoting Committee.

Kim Somers ( Chloe’s Mum) provided Ultraflex Dance Classes to the Children

We headed down to Kenny Park for a fantastic, action packed Sports Day in the sun organised by the Student Council on Wednesday the 21st. Our local Special Olympic Athletes joined us for some sporting activities and pupils received a hot dog/burger very kindly sponsored by Brady’s (Tom’s Dad).

A “SuperHero Training Workshop” was provided for Junior and Senior Infants by Laurie, courtesy of the Parents’Council.

Here are some more things we did…

  • The teachers organised a variety of activities , e.g. football leagues, hulahoopathon, skipathon, runathon, jogathon, bizzybreak activities, basketball knockout, teddy bears picnic to the park, summer trails, class disco, drop everything and dance/jog/stretch etc.
  • Some classes completed a daily Active School Journal and designed a jersey for ASW.
  • Staff had meetings on the move, doing their talking while they are walking!!
  • Teachers made optimum use of all recent equipment purchased over the last year e.g. volleyball net, badminton sets, bow & arrow sets.
  • Active Awards were presented to children who make a special effort in being extra active.

Run Around Europe in September

Mr McDonald and the Active Committee kicked off their active agenda on Monday, September the 25th by getting all of us in SCN involved in celebrating European Week of Sport. The aim of this Active Week is to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. Everyone regardless of age is encouraged to Get Up, Get Out and Get Active.

Mr McDonald and the Active School committee organised some great fun activities during European Week of Sport to get us up on our feet and running around Europe!! Firstly, we took part in A Run Around Europe Challenge.

Each class was invited to participate in a daily km activity for 15 minutes. Daily km activity is defined as a moving activity i.e.: walking, jogging, skipping, running etc for 15 minutes each day around the school yard. All the children logged the number of laps of the yard they completed each day and a running total was kept for each class. A Challenge Chart erected in the school hall showed each class how far they had ran in attempting to reach the different capital cities of Europe. In this way as the children ran, they were having fun learning about the capital cities of Europe!! In total and over the course of the week, we collectively ran 85 km. Here is a breakdown of that number:

Total laps (of the school yard) run by school: 20,959

Avg laps per child for week: 56

Avg laps per day per child: 11

Friday was National Fitness Day for everybody and the staff and pupils were encouraged to  come to school in their tracksuits. On this day some of the teachers and pupils participated in the “Taking on the Teacher Challenge’ which took place first thing in the morning at assembly. Ms Tyrrell, Mr Carey and Mr Byrne took on Kayla, Abigail and Leonore from Sixth Class in three physical challenges. In the battle of burpees, tennis and doubles skipping………our teachers held their own against the SCN pupils holding them to a draw after what was regarded as a close and tense contest of physical prowess!!! There was a fantastic atmosphere in the hall that morning and greta fun was had by all. 



Super Trouper Safari

Early in March the Active School Committee (2nd class) went on a Super Trouper Safari to Supervalu in Loughrea.   There we met a dietitian and got to taste food from the Bakery, Meat, Dairy and Fruit and Vegetables sections.

Ultra Flex

The whole school had a wonderful opportunity  to take part in a dance workshop with Kim from Ultra Flex. We all enjoyed learning the moves and singing along to the beautiful soundtracks! Here are some photos of the workshop that 4th class took part in.

1st Class has been doing lots of sport lately, including hurling, football, soccer and rugby. Our motto is “Be active, keep active, stay active!”


  • We have been awarded the Active School Flag, because we have become a physically educated active school as a result of participating in the Active School Programme. Mr. McDonald is the Co-ordinator of the programme assisted by Mr. Wallace and his second class are the Active School Committee. According to research children between  5 – 12 years of age need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. Children should reduce the amount of time spent on watching TV, using video, computer games and phones.
  • Scoil Chroí Naofa has become a very active school. We take part in many different activities and programmes.  We encourage every child to be active at home, at school and at play and to have fun while doing so. Our Active School slogan is Be active! Keep active! Stay active!
  • The Active School flag committee has 3 aims:
  1. To make sure that everybody takes part in some kind of activity during or after school, e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, running or just playing.
  2. To help children to be more active inside and outside of school. It is recommended that children have at least 60 minutes of activity every day.
  3. To make sure we have fun while getting more active. It’s much easier to be active if you’re having fun doing it.

Our Active School Award Ceremony was celebrated in February.

The following was the itinerary for the day:

  • The children wore tracksuits coming to school.
  • Green School Committee organised a Monster Walk from Kenny Park weather permitting.
  • At 11am there was a special assembly led by Mr. McDonald and the Active School Committee. Children had an opportunity to see our flag and celebrate our achievement.
  • A number of celebrities were invited to mark this occasion, e.g. Representatives from the Camogie Club, Galway GAA Coaching Committee, FAI, Athenry Athletics, Rugby, Zumba, Past Pupils and Teachers. Board of Management and Parents Council were also invited.
  • Sharon Higgins very kindly provided Zumba Workshop for all the children.
  • Children concluded the school day with a menu of activities that were recommended during our Active School Week.

The following is a list of various activities that took place during our Active School Weeks in June.

  1. Children came to school in their track suits and runners. Children were encouraged to be active in their travel as they walk to school.
  2. There were a wide variety of fun activities on offer every day for the different classes.  Each morning commenced with a wake up shake up morning assembly presented by the Active School Committee. They demonstrated and encouraged the whole school to participate in some fun exercises, yoga, dancing and action songs.
  3. The teachers organised a variety of activities to mark this fun week, e.g., disco, hulahoopathon, skipathon, runathon, jogathon,  bizzybreak activities, active homework, teddy bears picnic, active travel (park & stride from Kenny Park), active tours, drop everything and dance/jog/think,  Mexican Wave, penalty pandemonium against the principal/teacher, basketball knockout, sports day  in Kenny Park (numerous stations are set up on the pitch), Samba with Edivania de Melo Brito and her sister, Zumba with Sharon Higgins,  fun & fitness activities with Hugh &Aoife (from Club Vitae in the Maldron Hotel  Oranmore) circuit training with Geoffery Sheridan (Training Ground, Barna), active homework, teddy bears picnic, walk a mile with a smile, fun & fitness activities (District Health & Fitness Gym)
  4. The following were some ideas in supporting  children to be active at home: walk, run, jog, skip, cycle, dance, swim, trampoline, walk or play with the dog, play tag, hide and seek,  football/soccer, do active chores e.g. plant/weed garden, tidy bedroom, walk to the shop/church/park/library etc.
  5. Active Awards were presented to children who made a special effort in being extra active during the week.
  6. Children were encouraged to drink water in preference to juices during this week.
  7. The Healthy School Committee under the guidance of Mrs. Hennessey and her class carried out a daily survey on the number of children in each class who drank water each day during Active School Week. An award was given to the class who drank the most water. The Committee also did major research on the amount of sugar in different juices. They displayed their findings on a noticeboard in the hall. The following are some of many interesting facts about their study:
  • Capri Sun contains 5 teaspoons of sugar
  • A small bottle of club lemon contains 15 teaspoons of sugar
  • A small bottle of Coca cola has 13 teaspoons of sugar
  • Water has no sugar




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